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Innovation and Startup Park

The Innovation and Startup Park offers far more than just commercial space. Thanks to similar initial positions, companies can exchange their experiences and benefit from each other. An exciting environment as well as individual services such as consulting or telephone service ensure fun at work and good prospects for success at the same time.

Success needs good conditions

Part of the philosophy of the Campus Company is the active support of business startups by graduates. Students own initiatives are strongly encouraged; fresh ideas always find a place to develop. For these reasons, students are also given entrepreneurial responsibility. For those who have already had their own projects and success, the step into self-employment is relatively easy.

Young and innovative companies, in particular, appreciate a performance and technology-oriented environment. The Innovation and Startup Park on the Environmental Campus provides the space and opportunities for this. Not only young entrepreneurs will find favourable conditions for their beginnings in an own building. On the one hand, contemporary office and conference rooms are available. On the other hand, the exchange with the neighbouring university of applied sciences is institutionalised, so to speak. Companies hire students for temporary jobs or realise joint research projects.



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